January 18 All Events

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January 18th, 2052 (January 18 2052)DeathPublius Clodius Pulcher (murdered)
January 18th, 2008 (January 18 2008)DeathGeorgia Frontiere, American football team owner (born in 1927)
January 18th, 2008 (January 18 2008)DeathFrank Lewin, American composer and music theorist (born in 1925)
January 18th, 2008 (January 18 2008)DeathJohn Stroger, first African-American Cook County Board President (born in 1929)
January 18th, 2007 (January 18 2007)EventThe strongest storm in the United Kingdom in 17 years kills 14 people, Germany sees the worst storm since 1999 with 13 deaths. Hurricane Kyrill, causes at least 44 deaths across 20 countries in Western Europe. Other losses include the Container Ship MSC Napoli destroyed by the storm off the coast of Devon, England. Devo Quotes
January 18th, 2007 (January 18 2007)DeathBrent Liles, American musician (Agent Orange/Social Distortion) (born in 1963)
January 18th, 2006 (January 18 2006)DeathJan Twardowski, Polish poet (born in 1915)
January 18th, 2005 (January 18 2005)DeathLamont Bentley, American actor (born in 1973)
January 18th, 2003 (January 18 2003)EventA bushfire kills 4 people and destroys more than 500 homes in Canberra, Australia.
January 18th, 2003 (January 18 2003)DeathEdward "The Sheik" Farhat, American professional wrestler (born in 1924)
January 18th, 2002 (January 18 2002)EventSierra Leone Civil War was finally declared over.
January 18th, 2001 (January 18 2001)DeathAl Waxman, Canadian actor (born in 1935)
January 18th, 2000 (January 18 2000)EventThe Tagish Lake meteorite impacts the Earth.
January 18th, 2000 (January 18 2000)DeathMargarete Schutte-Lihotzky, Austrian architect (born in 1897)
January 18th, 1998 (January 18 1998)EventLewinsky scandal: Matt Drudge breaks the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair story on his website The Drudge Report.Bill Clinton Quotes
January 18th, 1997 (January 18 1997)EventIn north west Rwanda, Hutu militia members kill 3 Spanish aid workers, 3 soldiers and seriously wound one other.
January 18th, 1997 (January 18 1997)EventBoerge Ousland of Norway becomes the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unaided.
January 18th, 1997 (January 18 1997)DeathPaul Tsongas, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (born in 1941)
January 18th, 1996 (January 18 1996)DeathNandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, Indian actor (born in 1923)
January 18th, 1995 (January 18 1995)DeathAdolf Butenandt, German chemist, Nobel laureate (born in 1903)
January 18th, 1995 (January 18 1995)DeathRon Luciano, American baseball umpire (born in 1937)
January 18th, 1994 (January 18 1994)EventThe Cando event, a possible bolide impact in Cando, Spain. Witnesses claim to have seen a fireball in the sky lasting for almost one minute.
January 18th, 1993 (January 18 1993)EventFor the first time, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is officially observed in all 50 states.Martin Luther Quotes
January 18th, 1993 (January 18 1993)BirthMorgan York, American Actress
January 18th, 1993 (January 18 1993)DeathEleanor Hibbert, British author (born in 1906)
January 18th, 1991 (January 18 1991)EventEastern Air Lines goes out of business after 62 years, citing financial problems.
January 18th, 1990 (January 18 1990)EventWashington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry was arrested for drug possession in an FBI sting.Marion Barry Quotes
January 18th, 1990 (January 18 1990)DeathRusty Hamer, American actor (born in 1947)
January 18th, 1989 (January 18 1989)DeathBruce Chatwin, English novelist (born in 1940)Bruce Chatwin Quotes
January 18th, 1988 (January 18 1988)BirthRonald Guglielmone Jr., American singer-songwriter
January 18th, 1985 (January 18 1985)BirthDale Begg-Smith, Australian freestyle skier
January 18th, 1985 (January 18 1985)BirthRiccardo Montolivo, Italian soccer player
January 18th, 1985 (January 18 1985)DeathWilfrid Brambell, Irish actor (born in 1912)
January 18th, 1984 (January 18 1984)BirthBenji Schwimmer, American dancer
January 18th, 1984 (January 18 1984)BirthMichael Kearney, American child prodigy
January 18th, 1984 (January 18 1984)BirthMaarja Kivi, Estonian singer
January 18th, 1984 (January 18 1984)BirthSeung-Hui Cho, shooter at Virginia Tech
January 18th, 1984 (January 18 1984)BirthKristy Lee Cook, American singer and finalist on American Idol season seven
January 18th, 1984 (January 18 1984)DeathVassilis Tsitsanis, Greek singer and songwriter (born in 1915)
January 18th, 1983 (January 18 1983)EventThe International Olympic Committee restores Jim Thorpe s Olympic medals to his family.
January 18th, 1983 (January 18 1983)BirthSamantha Mumba, Irish singer and actress
January 18th, 1982 (January 18 1982)BirthJoanna Newsom, American harpist/singer-songwriter
January 18th, 1981 (January 18 1981)BirthKang Dong-won, South Korean model and actor
January 18th, 1981 (January 18 1981)BirthOlivier Rochus, Belgian tennis player
January 18th, 1981 (January 18 1981)BirthKhari Stephenson, Jamaican footballer
January 18th, 1980 (January 18 1980)BirthRobert Green, English footballer
January 18th, 1980 (January 18 1980)BirthJulius Peppers, National Football League defensive end
January 18th, 1980 (January 18 1980)BirthJason Segel, American actor
January 18th, 1980 (January 18 1980)BirthEstelle Swaray , Singer
January 18th, 1980 (January 18 1980)DeathSir Cecil Beaton, English fashion designer (born in 1904)
January 18th, 1979 (January 18 1979)BirthJay Chou, Taiwanese singer and producer
January 18th, 1979 (January 18 1979)BirthPaulo Ferreira, Portuguese footballer
January 18th, 1979 (January 18 1979)BirthBrian Gionta, American ice hockey player
January 18th, 1979 (January 18 1979)BirthKenyatta Jones, former National Football League player
January 18th, 1978 (January 18 1978)EventThe European Court of Human Rights finds the United Kingdom government guilty of mistreating prisoners in Northern Ireland, but not guilty of torture.
January 18th, 1978 (January 18 1978)BirthBrian Falkenborg, American baseball player
January 18th, 1978 (January 18 1978)DeathHasan Askari, Pakistani philosopher, critic and writer (born in 1919) Philo Quotes
January 18th, 1978 (January 18 1978)DeathCarl Betz, American film and television actor (born in 1921)
January 18th, 1978 (January 18 1978)DeathWalter H. Thompson, English Scotland Yard detective, bodyguard of Winston Churchill (born in 1890)Winston Churchill Quotes
January 18th, 1977 (January 18 1977)EventScientists identify a previously unknown bacterium as the cause of the mysterious Legionnaires disease.
January 18th, 1977 (January 18 1977)EventAustralia s worst rail disaster occurs at Granville, Sydney killing 83.
January 18th, 1977 (January 18 1977)BirthCurtis Cregan, American actor
January 18th, 1977 (January 18 1977)BirthAlina Jidkova, Russian tennis player
January 18th, 1976 (January 18 1976)BirthLaurence Courtois, Belgian tennis player
January 18th, 1976 (January 18 1976)BirthDamien Leith, Australian Idol 2006
January 18th, 1974 (January 18 1974)EventA Disengagement of Forces agreement is signed between the Israeli and Egyptian governments, ending conflict on the Egyptian front of the Yom Kippur War.
January 18th, 1974 (January 18 1974)BirthMichael Tunn, Australian television and radio
January 18th, 1974 (January 18 1974)BirthChristian Burns, English musician (BBMak)
January 18th, 1974 (January 18 1974)BirthDevon Odessa, American actress Devo Quotes
January 18th, 1974 (January 18 1974)BirthMaulik Pancholy, American actor
January 18th, 1974 (January 18 1974)BirthPrincess Claire of Belgium
January 18th, 1973 (January 18 1973)BirthAnthony Koutoufides, Australian rules footballer
January 18th, 1973 (January 18 1973)BirthCrispian Mills, British musician (The Jeevas and Kula Shaker)
January 18th, 1972 (January 18 1972)BirthMike Lieberthal, American baseball player
January 18th, 1971 (January 18 1971)BirthJonathan Davis, American singer (Kočn)
January 18th, 1971 (January 18 1971)BirthChristian Fittipaldi, Brazilian race car driver
January 18th, 1971 (January 18 1971)BirthJosep Guardiola, Spanish footballer
January 18th, 1971 (January 18 1971)BirthSeamus O Regan, Canadian broadcast journalist
January 18th, 1970 (January 18 1970)BirthDJ Quik, American rapper
January 18th, 1970 (January 18 1970)BirthPeter van Petegem, Belgian cyclist
January 18th, 1970 (January 18 1970)DeathDavid O. McKay, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (born in 1873) Jesus Christ Quotes
January 18th, 1969 (January 18 1969)EventUnited Airlines Flight 266 crashes into Santa Monica Bay resulting in the loss of all 32 passengers and six crew members.
January 18th, 1969 (January 18 1969)BirthJesse L. Martin, American actor and singer
January 18th, 1969 (January 18 1969)BirthBatista, American professional wrestler
January 18th, 1969 (January 18 1969)BirthJim O Rourke, American musician and producer (Loose Fur and Wilco)
January 18th, 1969 (January 18 1969)DeathHans Freyer, German sociologist (born in 1887)
January 18th, 1968 (January 18 1968)BirthFrank Quitely, Scottish comic book artist
January 18th, 1967 (January 18 1967)EventAlbert DeSalvo, the "Boston Strangler," is convicted of numerous crimes and is sentenced to life in prison.
January 18th, 1967 (January 18 1967)BirthKim Perrot, American basketball player (died in 1999)
January 18th, 1967 (January 18 1967)BirthIvan Zamorano, Chilean footballer
January 18th, 1967 (January 18 1967)DeathGoose Tatum, American basketball player (born in 1921)
January 18th, 1966 (January 18 1966)BirthAlexander Khalifman, Russian chess player
January 18th, 1966 (January 18 1966)BirthAndre Ribeiro, Brazilian racing driver
January 18th, 1966 (January 18 1966)DeathKathleen Norris, American writer (born in 1880)
January 18th, 1965 (January 18 1965)BirthDave Attell, American writer and comedian
January 18th, 1964 (January 18 1964)BirthJane Horrocks, British actress
January 18th, 1964 (January 18 1964)BirthEnrico Lo Verso, Italian actor
January 18th, 1963 (January 18 1963)BirthMaxime Bernier, French Canadian politician
January 18th, 1963 (January 18 1963)BirthMartin O Malley, Governor of Maryland
January 18th, 1963 (January 18 1963)BirthYury Zakharevich, Soviet Olympic Weightlifter
January 18th, 1963 (January 18 1963)DeathHugh Gaitskell, leader of the British Labour Party (born in 1906)
January 18th, 1962 (January 18 1962)BirthAlison Arngrim, American actress
January 18th, 1961 (January 18 1961)BirthMark Messier, Canadian ice hockey player
January 18th, 1961 (January 18 1961)BirthPeter Beardsley, English footballer
January 18th, 1961 (January 18 1961)BirthJeff Yagher, American actor
January 18th, 1958 (January 18 1958)EventWillie O Ree, the first African Canadian National Hockey League player, makes his NHL debut.
January 18th, 1956 (January 18 1956)BirthSharon Mitchell, American porn actress
January 18th, 1956 (January 18 1956)BirthTom Bailey, English singer (Thompson Twins)
January 18th, 1955 (January 18 1955)EventBattle of Yijiangshan occurred.
January 18th, 1955 (January 18 1955)BirthKevin Costner, American actor
January 18th, 1955 (January 18 1955)BirthFergus Martin, Irish artist
January 18th, 1954 (January 18 1954)BirthTed DiBiase, Retired Professional Wrestler
January 18th, 1954 (January 18 1954)DeathSydney Greenstreet, English actor (born in 1879)
January 18th, 1953 (January 18 1953)BirthBrett Hudson, American actor
January 18th, 1952 (January 18 1952)BirthR. Stevie Moore, American singer, songwriter, and home recording pioneer
January 18th, 1952 (January 18 1952)BirthMichael Behe, American advocate of Intelligent Design
January 18th, 1952 (January 18 1952)DeathCurly Howard, American actor and comedian (born in 1903)
January 18th, 1951 (January 18 1951)BirthBob Latchford, English footballer
January 18th, 1951 (January 18 1951)BirthBram Behr, Surinamese journalist (died in 1982)
January 18th, 1950 (January 18 1950)BirthGilles Villeneuve, Canadian race car driver (died in 1982)
January 18th, 1949 (January 18 1949)BirthPhilippe Starck, French designer
January 18th, 1949 (January 18 1949)BirthBill Keller, American newspaper editor
January 18th, 1947 (January 18 1947)BirthTakeshi Kitano, Japanese actor and director
January 18th, 1946 (January 18 1946)BirthJoseph Deiss, Swiss Federal Councilor
January 18th, 1945 (January 18 1945)EventLiberation of the Budapest ghetto by the Red Army.
January 18th, 1945 (January 18 1945)BirthJose Luis Perales, Spanish singer
January 18th, 1944 (January 18 1944)EventThe Metropolitan Opera House in New York City hosts a jazz concert for the first time. The performers were Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Artie Shaw, Roy Eldridge and Jack Teagarden.Louis Armstrong Quotes
January 18th, 1944 (January 18 1944)EventSoviet forces liberate Leningrad, effectively ending a three year Nazi siege, known as the Siege of Leningrad.
January 18th, 1944 (January 18 1944)BirthPaul Keating, twenty-fourth Prime Minister of AustraliaPaul Keating Quotes
January 18th, 1944 (January 18 1944)BirthCarl Morton, American baseball player (died in 1983)
January 18th, 1943 (January 18 1943)EventWarsaw Ghetto Uprising: The first uprising of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto.
January 18th, 1943 (January 18 1943)BirthKay Granger, American politician
January 18th, 1941 (January 18 1941)BirthDenise Bombardier, Quebec journalist, television host and novelist
January 18th, 1941 (January 18 1941)BirthBobby Goldsboro, American country/pop singer
January 18th, 1941 (January 18 1941)BirthDavid Ruffin, American singer (The Temptations) (died in 1991)
January 18th, 1940 (January 18 1940)BirthPedro Rodriguez, Mexican racing driver (died in 1971)
January 18th, 1940 (January 18 1940)DeathKazimierz Tetmajer, Polish writer (born in 1865)
January 18th, 1938 (January 18 1938)BirthCurt Flood, American baseball player (died in 1997)
January 18th, 1937 (January 18 1937)BirthJohn Hume, Northern Irish politician, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998
January 18th, 1936 (January 18 1936)DeathRudyard Kipling, British writer, Nobel laureate (born in 1865)Rudyard Kipling Quotes
January 18th, 1935 (January 18 1935)BirthAlbert Millaire, Quebec actor and theatre director
January 18th, 1935 (January 18 1935)BirthJon Stallworthy, English poet
January 18th, 1935 (January 18 1935)BirthGad Yaacobi, Israeli minister (died in 2007)
January 18th, 1934 (January 18 1934)BirthRaymond Briggs, English writer and illustrator
January 18th, 1933 (January 18 1933)BirthJohn Boorman, Irish film director
January 18th, 1933 (January 18 1933)BirthRay Dolby, American inventor (Dolby noise reduction system)
January 18th, 1932 (January 18 1932)BirthRobert Anton Wilson, American author (died in 2007)Robert Anton Wilson Quotes
January 18th, 1931 (January 18 1931)BirthChun Doo-hwan, President of South Korea
January 18th, 1927 (January 18 1927)BirthSundaram Balachander, Indian veena player (died in 1990)
January 18th, 1925 (January 18 1925)BirthGilles Deleuze, French philosopher (died in 1995) Philo Quotes
January 18th, 1923 (January 18 1923)DeathWallace Reid, Actor (born in 1891)
January 18th, 1922 (January 18 1922)BirthBob Bell, American clown (died in 1997)
January 18th, 1919 (January 18 1919)EventWorld War I: The Paris Peace Conference opens in Versailles, France.
January 18th, 1919 (January 18 1919)EventIgnacy Jan Paderewski becomes Prime Minister of the newly independent Poland.
January 18th, 1919 (January 18 1919)EventBentley Motors Limited is founded.
January 18th, 1918 (January 18 1918)BirthGustave Gingras, French Canadian physician (died in 1996)
January 18th, 1917 (January 18 1917)BirthWang Yung-ching, Taiwanese businessmanAn Wang Quotes
January 18th, 1916 (January 18 1916)EventA 611 gram chondrite type meteorite stikes a house near the village of Baxter in Stone County, Missouri.
January 18th, 1915 (January 18 1915)EventJapan issues the "Twenty-One Demands" to the Republic of China in a bid to increase its power in East Asia.
January 18th, 1915 (January 18 1915)BirthVassilis Tsitsanis, Greek singer and songwriter (died in 1984)
January 18th, 1914 (January 18 1914)BirthArno Schmidt, German author (died in 1979)
January 18th, 1913 (January 18 1913)EventA Greek flotilla defeats the Ottoman Navy in the Naval Battle of Lemnos during the First Balkan War, securing the islands of the Northern Aegean Sea for Greece.
January 18th, 1913 (January 18 1913)BirthDanny Kaye, American actor (died in 1987)Danny Kaye Quotes
January 18th, 1911 (January 18 1911)EventEugene B. Ely lands on the deck of the USS Pennsylvania stationed in San Francisco harbor, marking the first time an aircraft landed on a ship.
January 18th, 1910 (January 18 1910)BirthKenneth E. Boulding, English economist (died in 1983)
January 18th, 1908 (January 18 1908)BirthJacob Bronowski, Polish-born mathematician, poet, and physicist (died in 1974)
January 18th, 1908 (January 18 1908)BirthPrincess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (died in 1972)
January 18th, 1905 (January 18 1905)BirthJoseph Bonanno, Italian-born gangster (died in 2002)
January 18th, 1904 (January 18 1904)BirthCary Grant, English actor (died in 1986)
January 18th, 1904 (January 18 1904)BirthAnthony Galla-Rini, American accordionist (died in 2006)
January 18th, 1903 (January 18 1903)EventPresident Theodore Roosevelt sends a radio message to King Edward VII: the first transatlantic radio transmission originating in the United States.Theodore Roosevelt Quotes
January 18th, 1901 (January 18 1901)BirthIvan Petrovsky, Russian mathematician (died in 1973)
January 18th, 1896 (January 18 1896)EventThe X-ray machine is exhibited for the first time.
January 18th, 1896 (January 18 1896)BirthC. M. Eddy, Jr., American writer (died in 1967)
January 18th, 1896 (January 18 1896)DeathCharles Floquet, French statesman (born in 1828)
January 18th, 1892 (January 18 1892)BirthOliver Hardy, American comedian and actor (died in 1957)
January 18th, 1892 (January 18 1892)BirthPaul Rostock, German surgeon (died in 1956)
January 18th, 1892 (January 18 1892)DeathAnton Anderledy, Swiss Superior General of the Society of Jesus (born in 1819)
January 18th, 1888 (January 18 1888)BirthThomas Sopwith, British aviation pioneer (died in 1989)
January 18th, 1886 (January 18 1886)EventModern field hockey is born with the formation of The Hockey Association in England.
January 18th, 1886 (January 18 1886)BirthClara Nordstrom, German writer and translator (died in 1962)
January 18th, 1886 (January 18 1886)DeathBaldassare Verazzi, Italian painter (born in 1819)
January 18th, 1884 (January 18 1884)EventDr. William Price attempts to cremate the body of his infant son, Jesus Christ Price, setting a legal precedent for cremation in the United Kingdom.William King Quotes
January 18th, 1882 (January 18 1882)BirthA. A. Milne, English author (died in 1956)A. A. Milne Quotes
January 18th, 1881 (January 18 1881)BirthGaston Gallimard, French publisher (died in 1975)
January 18th, 1879 (January 18 1879)BirthHenri Giraud, French general (died in 1949)
January 18th, 1878 (January 18 1878)DeathAntoine Cesar Becquerel, French physicist (born in 1788)
January 18th, 1877 (January 18 1877)BirthSamuel Zemurray, U.S. businessman (d.1961)
January 18th, 1873 (January 18 1873)DeathEdward George Bulwer-Lytton, English author (born in 1803)
January 18th, 1871 (January 18 1871)EventWilhelm I of Germany is proclaimed the first German Emperor in the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles towards the end of the Franco-Prussian War. The empire was known as The Second Reich to the Germans.Wilhelm Reich Quotes
January 18th, 1867 (January 18 1867)BirthRuben Dario, Nicaraguan Journalist, Diplomat, Poet (died in 1916)Ruben Dario Quotes
January 18th, 1862 (January 18 1862)DeathJohn Tyler, 10th President of the United States (born in 1790)John Tyler Quotes
January 18th, 1861 (January 18 1861)EventAmerican Civil WarGeorgia joins South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama in seceding from the United States.
January 18th, 1856 (January 18 1856)BirthDaniel Hale Williams, African-American surgeon (died in 1931)
January 18th, 1854 (January 18 1854)BirthThomas Watson, American telephone pioneer (died in 1934)
January 18th, 1850 (January 18 1850)BirthSeth Low, American politician (died in 1916)
January 18th, 1849 (January 18 1849)BirthEdmund Barton, 1st Prime Minister of Australia (died in 1920)
January 18th, 1848 (January 18 1848)BirthIoan Slavici, Transylvanian writer (died in 1925)
January 18th, 1842 (January 18 1842)BirthAlbert Alonzo Ames, Mayor of Minneapolis (died in 1911)
January 18th, 1841 (January 18 1841)BirthEmmanuel Chabrier, French composer (died in 1894)
January 18th, 1840 (January 18 1840)BirthHenry Austin Dobson, English poet (died in 1921)Henry Austin Dobson Quotes
January 18th, 1815 (January 18 1815)BirthConstantin von Tischendorf, German biblical scholar (died in 1874)
January 18th, 1813 (January 18 1813)BirthJoseph Glidden, American farmer who patented barbed wire (died in 1906)
January 18th, 1803 (January 18 1803)DeathIppolit Bogdanovich, Russian poet (born in 1743)
January 18th, 1795 (January 18 1795)BirthAnna Pavlovna of Russia, queen of The Netherlands (died in 1865)
January 18th, 1788 (January 18 1788)EventThe first elements of the First Fleet carrying 736 convicts from England to Australia arrives at Botany Bay.
January 18th, 1782 (January 18 1782)BirthDaniel Webster, American statesman (died in 1852)Daniel Webster Quotes
January 18th, 1779 (January 18 1779)BirthPeter Roget, British lexicographer (died in 1869)
January 18th, 1778 (January 18 1778)EventJames Cook is the first known European to discover the Hawaiian Islands, which he names the "Sandwich Islands".
January 18th, 1777 (January 18 1777)EventRepresentatives of the New Hampshire Grants declare the independence of the Vermont Republic from Britain.
January 18th, 1701 (January 18 1701)EventFrederick I becomes King of Prussia.
January 18th, 1689 (January 18 1689)BirthMontesquieu, French writer (died in 1755)
January 18th, 1688 (January 18 1688)BirthLionel Sackville, 1st Duke of Dorset, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (died in 1765)
January 18th, 1677 (January 18 1677)DeathJan van Riebeeck, Dutch merchant (born in 1619)
January 18th, 1672 (January 18 1672)BirthAntoine Houdar de la Motte, French writer (died in 1731)
January 18th, 1670 (January 18 1670)EventHenry Morgan captures Panama.
January 18th, 1664 (January 18 1664)DeathMoses Amyraut, French theologian (born in 1596)
January 18th, 1641 (January 18 1641)BirthFrancois-Michel le Tellier, Marquis de Louvois, French war minister (died in 1691)
January 18th, 1586 (January 18 1586)DeathMargaret of Austria, regent of The Netherlands (born in 1522)
January 18th, 1562 (January 18 1562)EventPope Pius IV reopens the Council of Trent for its third and final session.
January 18th, 1543 (January 18 1543)Birth(baptised) Alfonso Ferrabosco (I), Italian composer (died in 1588)
January 18th, 1535 (January 18 1535)EventSpanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro founded Lima, the capital of Peru.
January 18th, 1520 (January 18 1520)EventKing Christian II of Denmark and Norway defeats the Swedes at Lake Asunden.
January 18th, 1519 (January 18 1519)BirthIsabella Jagiello, queen of Hungary (died in 1559)
January 18th, 1486 (January 18 1486)EventKing Henry VII of England marries Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV.
January 18th, 1471 (January 18 1471)DeathEmperor Go-Hanazono of Japan (born in 1419)
January 18th, 1425 (January 18 1425)DeathEdmund de Mortimer, 5th Earl of March, English politician (born in 1391)
January 18th, 1367 (January 18 1367)DeathKing Peter I of Portugal (born in 1320)
January 18th, 1126 (January 18 1126)EventEmperor Huizong abdicates the Chinese throne in favour of his son Emperor Qinzong.
January 18th, 0885 (January 18 0885)BirthDaigo, Emperor of Japan (died in 930)
January 18th, 0532 (January 18 0532)EventNika riots in Constantinople fail.
January 18th, 0474 (January 18 0474)EventLeo II briefly becomes Byzantine emperor.
January 18th, 0474 (January 18 0474)DeathLeo I, Byzantine Emperor (born in 401)
January 18th, 0350 (January 18 0350)EventGenerallus Magnentius deposes Roman Emperor Constans and proclaims himself Emperor.

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